Warm Fuzzies!

“As far as feedback on your performance, I will tell you we just fired a real estate “professional” partly because of you. We have a beautiful home in northern Michigan and listed with an agent who, after we signed our contract, never spoke to us again. He didn’t even send an email to thank us or welcome us. We finally received an email, with an attachment for a 6-month extension, just a week before our first one expired. When he called me 2 days prior to the renewal date (of course I ignored the email request), I asked him why he never contacted us. He said there were no requests for showings on our type of home, but of course he just so happened to have a showing scheduled for the day after our renewal date! LOL What a bad example of a real estate agent. Ugh. Anyway, in contrast, you earned our trust over your competitor in Pinehurst due to your communication level. You were never pushy, but always made yourself available. Even the time I “poked my head in”, you were apologetic that I even had to ask. I also like your automated notification system in regard to showings. Of course it works best when there are showings, but I have a feeling that if there was no activity, you’d have found a way to periodically touch base with us.
Now, of course, we both have the warm fuzzies mostly because we made the sale so quickly. But none the less, I believe your level of commitment and professionalism shows in all you do and I just wanted you to hear that. I believe I made the right choice in choosing Tammy Lyne as our real estate professional in Pinehurst!”

— Madonna